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Dry Cleaning Plants and Dry Cleaning Plants with Drop Stores as a Business.

As an Arizona Business Broker, we have sold several hundred Businesses, with a large majority being Dry Cleaning Plants. We see the Dry Cleaning Business as a sensible Service Business and a Retail Front. They are usually located in a local shopping strip center with the prominent anchor tenant bringing in customers which is a great thing for any small business. Why are we writing this, because we fell that this service sector of small business can be, and is, very profitable when purchased and built correctly. They are unique in concept, that being, what other business has a manufacturing facility inside of a retail front? Also, how many other businesses can be operated by a single person when the production crew has left for the day? Dry Cleaners are less vulnerable to franchising and less likely for competition because of the cost to build a complete Plant, about a half of million dollars. A profitable Dry Cleaner can be purchased in the mid two hundred thousand range showing a net profit in six figure range. That’s plenty of income to support any family in Arizona, besides it’s a 50% return on your investment, instead of earning 4% and hating the job you go to everyday. Sure, we sell all types of businesses, and some really nice ones, but for some reason I’ve always been partial to Dry Cleaning. Maybe because I vet owned so many an brought my family up with the business. That could have a lot to do with it.m